mercoledì 29 agosto 2012

how to wear a jeans jacket

For these last  evenings of August I'll wear a jeans jacket over my dress. Do you like the idea?
I think it'll be a new must, 'cause it's not a new idea but it looks so fresh and winning!
Look at these pics and get inspired! I like Miranda Kerr outfit! Which is your fav?

Mi piace molto questa tendenza diffusa, che secondo me, sarà il nuovo must dei prossimi anni di mettere una giacca di jeans sopra il vestito/outfit estivo. Qual è il vostro scatto preferito? Il mio è quello di Miranda Kerr.


blake lively

kate boshworth

miranda kerr

Jeans jacket
Blake Lively
Kate Boshworth
Miranda Kerr

2 commenti:

  1. i've been meaning to buy myself a jean jacket but haven't found the perfect one yet - from here i prefer miranda's and blake's outfits :)

  2. love denim jackets! i must get one!
    please visit my blog and follow if you like =)



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